Saturday, August 21, 2010

Halloween headbands

Well I haven't disappeared just enjoying holidays with my daughter husband and brother and occassionally making something! The other day at our favourite beach I took my design/ideas notebook and wrote down my ideas and did some drawings. I have made quite a few goodies and have many more ideas so now I can start posting them.

First of all I wanted to create something pretty for Halloween, if that's at all possible! I did a few drawing and here are my first products. Headbands, my nearly 5 year old loves them so that's a good sign. I wrapped the headbands with satin bias tape and then made a pretty felt/fabric embellishment finished off with hand embroidery and trims. More images on flickr. I will place all Halloween goodies in my store towards the end of August in good time to arrive before 31st October.

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