Saturday, August 07, 2010

Anybody for afternoon tea??

As my daughter Lulu is always busy playing with her kitchen, coming and taking our orders and feeding her teddies I decided to make her some felt toys. There are some fabulous patterns especially in the Japanese craft books. I bought a few patterns from Fairyfox on Etsy too.

In fact this pattern is one of hers. They are very easy to make once you figure things out. The only thing is I think the pretend cups of tea could be a little larger. Maybe down the track I'll remake them. I love the biscuits they're so realistic they just look like you could just take a bite! Once I finished all the pieces I bought a balsa wood box, covered and lined it with felt, decorated it so now it is the perfect biscuit box! I have a few more patterns to make up which I'll slowly get round to. I've also made up 9 blocks for a new quilt so stay tuned! More images on flickr.


  1. That is the cutest thing EVER! Rach you always come up with the best ideas. Lulu is so lucky to have such a clever mum. Love to you. George xoxo