Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Rach and I just discovered the 'Stitchalong' idea- link on the right. What a great idea!

We are going to take the challenge and tell mum to do it as well. It's exciting getting a new project to do! Rach will be doing 40 squares for her 40 years of life, I will be doing 36 and mum will be doing too many to count!! Rach's Italian friend Carla is also going to do it- 38 squares. We decided to put together a list of things we would like to sew (like Amy suggested) and see how different we make them. The aim is to stitch one square per day and blog them. We will also put the pictures on Flickr. Our list is as follows:
1. Mushroom
2. Mouse
3. Flower
4. Gnome
5. Bird
6. Heart
7. Cat
8. Dog
9. House
10. Tree
11. Teapot
12. Teacup
13. Umbrella
14. Butterfly
15. Bird Cage/House
16. Fish
17. Whale
18. Robot
19. Babushka
20. Hedgehog
21. dragonfly
22. Little Girl
23. Little Boy
24. Owl
25. Bunny
26. Turtle
27. Apple
28. Bee
29. Ladybug
30. Fairytale Character

All sqaures after 30 are to be a surprise made up by each person.

This is going to be fun! I have to go now and start sewing sqaure number 1!

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