Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mathilda's Markets

Here is a photo of my Mathilda's Market stall from today. I shared the stall with a friend of mine. It's the first time that I have had a market stall and I was pleased with how it went with many sales. I am hoping to do another one and heaps of ideas of new things to make. It was quite fun and I am looking forward to doing another one. More photos on Flickr.


  1. your stall looks beautiful, well done

  2. I had the stall across from you and had the pleasure of looking at your items from behind my tree...Your stand looked lovely...

  3. Hi Gifts Created,

    I know your stall well. I have spoken to you before. Thanks for your kind comments- it was my first time so a little scary! am planning on doing more hopefully!!

    Thanks Sarah.

    P.S. Love the tree. It's such a great idea.