Friday, March 19, 2010

Lulu's new crown

Lulu's new crown - Lucy my 4 year old fancies herself a bit of a princess! She's always dressing up and has a hot pink feather boa. Hot pink by the way is her most favourite colour! She's been asking me to make her a crown for ages and me being the vagabond I am never got round to it! So a few Saturdays ago I took her to the art supply shop, we bought the supplies we needed and when we got home she designed the crown just how she wanted it.

I made the crown following her guidelines very closely! I got into trouble though as my points were not as long as hers, but I had to make them shorter so they wouldn't flop! The hearts and flowers are positioned exactly as she designed them. She even placed the little buttons on the hearts. Overall very pretty I think. Now Lulu can be the 'perfect princess'!!!

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  1. This is lovely, I've been wanting to make one for my 3-year old niece too :-)