Friday, January 09, 2009

New jacket

I've been wanting to make a coat for Lucy for ages, poor thing everything is always for someone else. Now it's her turn. I finally plucked up the courage and attempted one the other day. Here it is!! It's completely reversible and has a hood. That was Lucy's request so I had to make it up. I based my pattern on one from my Japanese book 'Basics for Girls' but I changed it a little - mostly because I couldn't understand what was going on in the book!!!! Anyway thank goodness it worked out really well and most importantly Lucy loves it. I used a teal blue velvet and toile for the reverse side. I have heaps of ideas for more jackets/coats and have been collecting fabrics for more so stay tuned some may go into the Etsy store!!!


  1. ciao Rachel, innanzitutto buon anno, sei stata bravissima con quel cappottino, quindi in queste vacanze hai fatto qualcosina. Mi raccomando Martedì al corso di cucito porta qualcosa che hai fatto così ci fai venire voglia di continuare il corso.
    Ciao e a martedì!

  2. Grazie sei tropppo carina. E stato un esperimento ma sono contenta del risultato. A martedi!

  3. Gorgeous coat! I love your colour and fabric choices - totally unique and beautiful :-)