Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This little brooch is for my mother in law to say thank you for all the help she gave us on Saturday. We invited our friends over for dinner and had decided to cook fish. Being the queen of fish she did the shopping for us and then prepared it all so all we had to do was cook it. I must say the meal was delicious and we made a very good impression on our friends. Anyway back to the brooch, the reason I decided to make her one was becasue she had been admiring a flower on one of mum's wreaths and said what a lovely brooch that would make. Well mine is not exactly the same but definitely inspired by mum so I hope my mother in law likes it!


  1. Ciao Rachel, fortunata te che hai tempo di fare queste cose carine, io sono riuscita intanto a iniziare il mio blog, ti lascio l'indirizzo http://www.cucichetipassa.blogspot.com/ ... a proposito sono Patrizia, ciao ci vediamo Stasera al corso e immagino anche Domenica al mercato!!! ciaooo

  2. Grazie ci vediamo stasera, vado vedere tuo blog. saluti