Friday, August 01, 2008

More Lulu quilt bits!!!

I have completed some more parts to Lucy's quilt, don't have far to go now. My apologies too as these are not ironed. I have started to piece it together, thank goodness it all fits so far! I'm deciding on my fabrics as I go because the colours in my applique influences my choices too. I'm hoping for the best it all comes together. The patterns for new appliques you see here are one from the Japanese embroidery book I can't name ISBN 4834724980 and the other from Design Collection for Kids ISBN 9784529044769. They are great books I'll scan some images and the cover from the one I can't name so you can see which one I mean. The mushroom pattern came from one of Lucy's colouring in books! Amazing where inspiration can come from. More details images are on flickr.

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