Saturday, August 02, 2008

Design embroidery for kids 365

Design embroidery for kids 365 (ISBN is in my previous post) is a great book. I have 2 of these the first one I blogged quite a while ago but I thought I would share this one too. I think anyone who is interested in purchasing Japanese embroidery books should go for it they are so inspiring with gorgeous designs and colour. I don't think there's a page I don't love. My sister Sarah has included a link to 'pompadour24' on ebay and etsy. I've bought most of my books from her(some came from Superbuzzy too but I think they are more expensive). I too had no idea what to buy but then I found her and she includes a lot of images from each book on ebay which is a great help. So happy shopping! More images on flickr

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  1. Hello
    I really enjoy your blog. I was thinking of getting one of these inspirational books but was wondering how easy it is to use with no working knowledge of Japanese and limited embroidery experience. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you