Thursday, July 03, 2008

Japanese goodies

My order arrived from pompadour24 (ebay). She has great stuff and very economical shipping. I bought some 1/2 yards of Japanese fabrics, absolutely gorgeous. Should have ordered more! I also bought 'Stitch Ideas vol. 7' ISBN 9784529045599 and 'Palm size stuffies' ISBN 9784834725377 . Both great books which I can't wait to work from and highly recommend. more images are on Flickr.


  1. Oh I am sooooo jealous. Those Japanese books look divine. I have been admiring Japanese crafts and books for a long time. But I haven't bought any yet. Withought speaking Japanese are they easy to follow ? Do they have more or less self explanitary patterns in it with no Japanese language knowledge ? Looked on your flick r that Japanese appique one is to die for, drool, drool :)

  2. I wouldn't say easy I'm working my way up to the harder things. We are both novice sewers so some things are hard to understand but I think anyone who has experience sewing can follow the patterns. Besides they are so inspiring! A good place to look is on ebay Pompadour24 (I think her store is called Simply pretty beads) has many books and ships free to most places.