Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We love embroidery!

Below are some beautiful pieces of embroidery by our mum Juju (as the grand children call her). She is truely talented and is an inspiration to all. I've nicknamed her 'the guru' as she's the one I turn to for advice when deciding what to do, oh and also when I don't know where to go next with a project! For more images please go to our flickr.

The first 2 are details of a piece Jude emdroidered for my daughter Lucy which is to be turned into a cushion (maybe!). The 3rd image is a small embroidery which was destined to be made into a bag (it's shiney because I haven't soaked the solvey off it yet) as a gift but then mum whipped something else up and fortunately left this to me!

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